Have you had hp basically tell you off? tell you they know nothing about a problem all over the internet literally by the thousands? let me know!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hp has a world wide issue

Anyone with or planning to buy a HP Pavilion dv9000/dv9100/dv9200/dv9400 etc... Series Notebooks is hopefully aware of the left hinge crack issues that they have. We are looking for people in Jacksonville Fl. and all over the United States to post there issues with their hinge cracks on this blog so we can get news to go nationwide with this story, if we get enough replies from people in Jacksonville, they will run a story on it. We also need people all over the USA and from around the World to post, then they will have to fix the problem because they don't want to have this going nationwide or even more so global. We are in contact with consumer reports and the Better Business Bureau and they say the same thing the more the better.The more people we get together the more likely laws are to get passed and changed so that HP will have to change the way they view and treat their consumers. Hp doesn't want this to happen and they have kept it silent till now let's all work together and get this problem resolved. They don't want to fix it or recall it. On the models they have issued a recall on, they only recalled a small selection of their notebooks and yet they continued to make and sell parts and supplies that thousands of people all over the world have had issues with. We bought it in 2007 it broke a few days after our warranty ran out. We called hp about the issue First they didn't want to admit an issue and they said we must have dropped it or caused it by mishandling it. We have babied the computer as most of the people we have read about on other blogs. We called hp again and told them about the blogs and post on the Internet and they still couldn't do anything, now we called again and ask about the HP Limited Service Enhancement for Left Display Hinge they said they couldn't do anything and we told them we had called them and they said it was on our file they still said no, after a considerable amount of time on the phone they said they would do it for a reduced price that's still not right.Now ,after more time thousands of blogs ,issues, problems, home remedies that people have come to rely on their own mechanical skills to fix it, yes some very few have been successful at getting the claim to go through. Its a defect and HP knew about it they should recall it and fix the problem or replace it. Especially since the last time after talking to case managers 3 different levels of technicians and a load of waiting,they do have a record of talking to us. Right down to the original call. A list of all the times patiently waiting and yet when it came right down to it....HP SAID "THAT MY NOTEBOOK OR ANY NOTEBOOK , ARE NOT MEANT TO LAST MORE THAN THE SPAN OF TWO YEARS!!!! THAT IT WAS A THROW AWA Y COMPUTER!!! MUCH LIKE THE CUPS OR PAPER PLATES I MAY HAVE USED FOR DINNER AND TOSSED AWAY!!"
So I asked him to be sure "SO I have a daughter going to colledge for a minimum of 4-6 years am I suppose to plan on buying her 2-3 notebooks?"

Now Im reaching across as far as one person can to say that this is not okay! We need laws in effect that stop this from happening. That will tell HP it is not okay for people to pay 2,000 dollars for some trash. Even 500.00!! My point, My Plea is that HP WILL and SHOULD slow down and not accept inferrior quality just because it will ""WORK" for a little while. I also believe that they should fix any issues that have been caused by that shotty quality of workmanship! That consumers Will Not allow this to continue. Will you Please join me? Let's make sure that there are laws passed that will keep such stuff from happening.We can make this happen!!

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Blogger TerryBle said...

It is not just the hinge. The motherboards have problems and soon your wifi will not work. From what I can tell, the whole pavilion dv series has problems. They extended the warranty but fell short of a recall. I now have 2 dv2000 and one dv9000 without wifi. The extended warranty expired 5 days before on one and 2 weeks before on the others. My hinge is also starting to fail. Way to go HP

July 8, 2009 at 8:59 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

my hinge also failed. I sent it back to HP and they said they would fix it for $300. Sd the time frame for them to fix it free expired on May 31, 2009. How can there be a time frame on a manufacturer defect?

July 29, 2009 at 8:20 AM

Blogger NYC guy said...

I have a dv9000 also where the left hinge broke and also the rear lcd cover where the screws go in for the hinge. I also have a dv2000 with the nvidia defect, completely dead unit, does not even power on. I contacted BBB, HP response was to repair for $200 claiming unit is out of warranty. I refused. Please also check out this website. www.hplies.com

August 3, 2009 at 7:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a DV9000 as well. Left hinge broke also. Unfortunately, was on the phone with HP today and they told me that they "acknowledged" this was an issue and they fixed this under a recall, but they only did this for the models made in 97 and up. Mine was made in 96. So, I'm out of luck.....LUCKY me. I'm apparently the FIRST person that HP has been told of that has a DV9000 that was made in 96 to have a failed left hinge. How ODD?!?!? Whatever! The thing is that if I was a student and had actually been opening and closing this laptop on a regular basis and NOT just had it sitting in my office, this part would have failed a LONG time ago and had been covered under the extended warranty and been covered. However, since, NOW, the extended warranty has expired, HP and OfficeMax, both want to wash their hand of me. Thanks!

November 19, 2010 at 12:20 PM


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